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Elkay piano dolly

Elkay piano dolly


Move Spinets, Organs and Chest Appliances Easily
Enables users to move a variety of items easily and safely. Includes complete set of two hand trucks, with four web straps. Rubber and felt cushioning protects against marring of fine finishes. Swivel casters retract, allowing load to rest on own weight and avoid shifting during transport.

  • 32" High, 23" Wide
  • Full Rubber/Felt Padding
  • Four 7 ft. Nylon Straps
  • Four 3 1/2" Swivel Casters
  • Sturdy Hardwood Frame
  • Brightly Finished Hardware
  • 1000 lbs. Capacity 


  • 24 Hour
    $18.00 minimum
  • Week